Angry fingers

I have birthed two children. I have broken multiple bones. I have withstood countless wankle injuries. But so help me, the wound that I fear may be my demise is this:


Sweet Mufasa this tiny cut on the tip of my finger, which bleeds into my nailbed, has brought me to my knees. At moments, it has rendered me incapable of any and all activity that requires the use of my hands. The incomprehensible part is that I have identical cuts on three other fingers. TRES. When one heals slightly, another one opens.

The logical explanation is to blame my damaged digits on winter. WINTER IS COMING. The winter skin: It dries. It cracks. It bleeds.

However I can’t help but wonder – what if this is due in part to my excessive blogging? Do I have a case of blogger fingers? Or as I shall call them from here on out – blingers.

Is this a legitimate side effect of people who blog every day? Are there blinger bandages? Does my insurance have blinger coverage? Because we are going bowling tonight and I can only imagine the bleeding and blisters that will occur when I bend my blingers into a bowling ball. Blech.

To recap, I am only halfway through this month-long writing exercise and a) I have a raging case of blingers, and b) I have so few ideas for posts that I just wrote 238 words about my blingers.