Welcome! My name is Amy and this here is my blog.

After the birth of my second daughter, I took a break from my career to stay at home. I started this blog as a creative outlet in the absence of my job, and as a place to document my domestic transformation and achievements.

I blogged about making meatloaf and rice krispie bars for a couple weeks, but quickly realized that my domestic successes could not fill a post-it note, let alone a blog.

So now I write about random bits of life – often related to parenthood, sometimes about my domestic struggles, and occasionally about toilets. It’s a crapshoot. (a pun!)

I was once included in a roundup of funny women bloggers, which I still like to awkwardly mention.

As for my writing –

I tried to sew, but it took a turn for the creepy.

This sums up my success as a Professional Parent.

This post describes my early blogging journey.

This is why I will always keep my blog separate from my marriage.

If you still want to stick around after reading any of those posts, I promise I’ll try to keep it fun.

And if you want to quietly tiptoe away and pretend you were never here, that’s cool. No one will know. Except her:


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