What to do when your husband hates your haircut

This may come as a shock, but my posts don’t tend to have a long shelf life. People don’t stumble on my blog because they are searching for useful info about trash grabbing or baby dolls wearing ski masks (even though THEY SHOULD). But there is one post that has drawn readers and comments well beyond its published date – last summer’s post about my unforgivable haircut.

This post, which documents how my husband and daughter both endured tremendous emotional damage when I dared to cut my hair shorter, is the most frequently read post on my blog. I don’t usually look at my site stats because I’m lazy and ignorant, but over the summer I got a few new comments on that post so I decided to look into it. Turns out that 99% of the time someone finds my blog when they Google something, it’s related to short haircut trauma.

Granted, we’re not talking about thousands of people here. Don’t be absurd. But in the past month alone, search terms for my blog included:

  • My boyfriend hates my haircut
  • My husband hates when I cut my hair short
  • I cut my hair and my family hates it
  • Hair is as short as my husbands
  • My husband hates my haircut
  • My husband wants a feminine haircut [this one is a different issue entirely, but I think it warrants recognition and a moment of silence for this woman]

I had no idea that short haircuts were causing so much controversy! I feel bad when I see comments from women who say their husbands won’t kiss them, or they are sleeping in a guest room, because of a haircut. A haircut! If my blog is going to show up when these women are feeling rejected and in need of support, then by golly I feel obligated to provide some words of encouragement.

So I made a few ecards. If you are reading this post because your husband or partner hates your stylish, fashion-forward new short haircut, please feel free to send him any one of these cards. Then give yourself a high-five for your hair bravery and take yourself out on a lady date.

I may have gone too far with that last one.

Stay strong, ladies. I’m off to get another trim.


16 thoughts on “What to do when your husband hates your haircut

  1. Very interesting keyword research for an audience you didn’t know you had. Sadly, I know quite a few similar stories where hair length has been the cause of great tension and trauma in the household. Perhaps you could lead a support group. And I think I like the last card the best. But you know me. I like anything that involves crafts.

  2. Not that I would ever say this to YOU, but I did see a meme one day that said, “If you see someone crying, ask them if it’s because of their haircut.”

  3. My husband hates my buzzcut and pleaded with me the night before not to go through with it. But I disobeyed him and did it anyway because I wanted to do the Brave the Shave for Macmillan Cancer. I’ve raised £403 so far. He hasn’t talked to me since the day I buzzed and we rowed that night and hissed at each other suggesting a divorce would be a good idea if he doesn’t like it. Now we are just avoiding each other like strangers in the same house. I can’t believe he’s being such a dick. It will grow back by Christmas 17!

  4. This Was tremendously funny! I loved it! I’m trying to plan ahead—-looking for a haircut my husband might like BUT still cutting it

  5. I actually have this issue and found you while googling what to do if your partner hates your haircut. I went from having super long straight hair to having it shaved down to 3mm long. Needless to say, that was no appreciated. For 2 years I had to listen to daily comments about it, until i finally gave in. Why is it that my partner can cut his hair and tell me he wont grow it long again and I am not allowed to do the same? My hair is now grown out to a bob and I hate it so much! But I dont want to go back to daily complaints either. It makes me so angry every time I think about it though, am not entirely sure what to do… your ecards are great, but I think they may result in more fighting…

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