National Do Not Judge My Writing Month

In my last post I warned that I tend to make bad decisions this time of year. In keeping with that tradition, I will once again attempt to post every day this month for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). Considering the fact that I have been blogging once every 2-3 weeks lately, this is going to hurt.

Then why bother? Because I need a challenge and I like to make a fool of myself, apparently. I am also giving into peer pressure. Last year I signed up thanks to the encouragement of a friend who did NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I wrote 30 mediocre posts about things like my dry hands and puzzles. Meanwhile she managed to write an entire sci-fi novel, which she was selling on Amazon by March.


She gave me a gentle nudge again this year and informed me that she will be using this month to write another novel. So! I shall use it as an opportunity to update the internet about the status of my dry hand condition.

If you have complaints about my posts this month, please send them all to her. And feel free to just come back in December when the pain is over.

15 thoughts on “National Do Not Judge My Writing Month

  1. Outstanding news! I always get excited to see your posts, even those about dry hands.

    I’m mentally committing to NABloPoWriMo, too, but I hate rules, I despise declaring my intentions aloud, and I can’t stand that abbreviated-acronym-ish-portmanteau thing they have going on.

    So I’m in, mostly.

    See you all month!

  2. I have been so wondering about the dryness of your hands.
    Seriously, though, I get so happy when I see your blog come across my feed. November is going to be a great month.

  3. Yay! So glad you accepted the challenge! So glad I stalk your blog to know this. I look forward to your daily grumbling online and the silent curses you send across the miles on Day 22 when your kids are out of school for nine LONG and lovely days. I’ve missed you! I will put on my silent curse shield. That will be my Halloween costume next year. For this year’s challenge, please go get a new haircut for inspiration. Also, I’d love some updates on the neighborhood trash situation, the city chickens and of course Creepy Baby. My cousin makes a gorgeous line of American Girl clothing. Perhaps a custom order for Creepy Baby this holiday season? Maybe some lace around her mask to soften her look? Happy blogging my friend!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, and for these ideas! I truly do not have a single idea for this month so I will likely use one or all of them. And then I can keep blaming you for the outcome. Good luck with your writing!!

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