How I Write

I’ve been tagged to write a post about my writing process as part of a blog hop or tour or something like that. I’ve enjoyed reading other people’s posts about their process. Some of them have been useful and given me ideas for how to better structure my approach to writing. And many of them have given me a sense of relief, seeing that others battle similar writing demons.

What are you working on?

Um, I’m writing this blog post. What kind of question is this? Am I supposed to be working on multiple writing projects? WHY DO YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO INFERIOR?!?

How does my work differ from others in my genre?  

I have no clue what genre I’m in, but two weeks ago I was pondering post ideas. I have been overwhelmed lately with a variety of parenting-related things that I knew had the potential to be relatable posts. But instead I wanted to write about chickens. I could not let it go. I thought about that chicken post for DAYS. Frightening, I know.

So I guess you could say that I tend to be attracted to the random and absurd.

Why do I write what I write?

I love anything that makes me laugh, so I typically write about things that make me laugh. I am my own best audience. Often times I am also my only audience.

How does my writing process work?

Lately I can barely manage to eek out one post per week. I am really struggling to find the time to write. I don’t want to blame my kids, but it’s totally their fault. (Ok fine,it may also be due to my lack of process. I’m working on it.)

I tend to write either during my daughter’s nap (increasingly short and rare), or after the kids go to bed. I am not a morning writer, despite my best efforts. But I’ll keep trying, because I love the taste of coffee and failure.

I have two styles of writing – the overthought, overworked post (a la the chickens) which can be painful for me, or the underthought, underworked post (a la everything I wrote during NaBloPoMo in November) which can be painful to read.

As much as I don’t want this blog to be a diary about the nachos I ate yesterday or the shitty haircut I got (again), I did like how the deadlines of NaBloPoMo forced me to write every day. Because I tend to lack self-discipline. If I can postpone a post, I will.

And yet I get angsty and sad-faced when I don’t write regularly.

So I am toying with the idea of giving myself fake deadlines and committing to something like two posts per week. I realize this is not a recipe for superb writing, but I can’t work on my quality without having any quantity. It might be my summer writing experiment. See you in September, said all three readers.


Thanks to Leigh Ann for the prompt. I’m supposed to tag two other people to do it too if they want, so I’m tagging Christine from Naptime Writing. She is a thoughtful writer who has a magical way of stringing her words together. She was also just named a BlogHer Voice of the Year. I’m also tagging Lillian from It’s a Dome Life. She’s a talented artist and one of the first bloggers I met online.

7 thoughts on “How I Write

  1. I’ve thought of giving myself deadlines too. We’ll see how it goes now that LTYM is over. And FWIW, your chicken post didn’t seem overworked at all.

    • I think the chicken one was torture because I had an inkling of an idea, but I could never find the time to write it in full, so I would just tinker here and there and then walk around obsessing about chickens for three days. It wasn’t healthy.

  2. If anyone were ever to ask me to describe my writing process, I believe I will just copy this, change the part about children napping, because, well, teenagers, and call it good. Now I have to go read about the chickens. That A to Z Challenge has gotten me soooo behind!

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