The obligatory NaBloPoMo recap

You have to write a recap of your NaBloPoMo experience in order to get paid for doing it, right? Mama really needs to get that paycheck before Christmas, so let’s get to it.*

I did NaBloPoMo for the following reasons:

1) To force myself to write more regularly and not get so hung up by my usual downfalls like overthinking, procrastinating, self-doubt and laziness.

2) Because I like adventure and taking risks.

That second one is a lie. Here is what I learned:

1) November is a terrible month to commit to writing every single day. Did you know that Thanksgiving almost always falls during November? And that public schools are not in session at all during the holiday week?? You can’t even try to bring your kid for just a little bit so you can get some writing done. They lock the doors. It’s an outrage.

So the timing was not particularly conducive to the fact that I had both of my kids home all last week, there was a huge eating holiday during which I was very busy eating all of the things, and my parents were in town. February is much better for me – please consider moving it next year.

2) Forcing myself to write something – anything – every day was both good and bad for me. I am not very organized or disciplined in my approach to blogging. Shocking, I know – take a moment to catch your breath. I tend to write when the mood strikes. And sometimes it doesn’t strike for weeks at a stretch.

To help overcome this problem, at the start of November I actually wrote out an editorial calendar with a different post topic for every day of the month. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with myself for this achievement.

Unfortunately I then proceeded to actually write only 2 of those 28 post ideas. Instead of following my own very clear plan, I opted to randomly veer off course ALMOST EVERY DAY and instead write 20-200 word posts about riveting things like donuts, nachos and puzzles. I’m sorry, internet.

However the exercise of making an editorial calendar and writing down post ideas was surprisingly productive and useful. Even though I didn’t use most of them, I now have 26 ideas sitting in my brain, waiting for their moment to shine. Many of them will probably die there, but hey – a few might make it out. And that potentially makes it easier for me to write more regularly in the future. Potentially. Maybe. (probably not)

So to recap my recap, a) I remain disorganized but will take baby steps to improvement, b) I am bad at following writing plans or prompts, and c) I ate too much last week.


*Before I spread false information and raise hopes, I am updating this post to clarify that this was a lame attempt at a joke – there is no payment for completing NaBloPoMo. But there is a sense of victory, which is priceless.**

**I do not have the priceless feeling because I failed to write one day and therefore did not technically complete NaBloPoMo, but I still feel a sense of partial victory, which I would say has an approximate value of $7.50.

15 thoughts on “The obligatory NaBloPoMo recap

  1. Yo, I love the “write a million (28) post ideas when you have them. Or have to.
    And, um…. you get paid for posting every day?
    Pretty sure you’re kidding, but if you aren’t, dish that.

  2. Snort.
    Hilarious. Especially the veering off course and the eating of all of the things.

    Seriously, though. The blogging all month and the novel in a month? Whuck were they thinking?! Of all the damned months in the damned year there’s no extra time, it’s the 11 and 12. Give me a daily assignment in January. February, maybe. Certainly in July I’m raring to do something challenging daily. November?

      • Not your fault. I blame the organizers of NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo. They’re quite lame.
        Can we still say lame? Can we say dumb? They’re myopic? They’re…stupid is too strong…not thinking clearly? Sheesh. That takes the wind right out of my condemnation sails.

  3. I’m becoming a stalker. A banana stalker. May not be the first time I’ve been called that. Let’s move on. My point is, you make me snort, chuckle, grin, and full on belly laugh. ME LIKEY.

    I seriously find the posting-a-day challenge more intimidating than nanowrimo! Kudos to you.

  4. I don’t understand people who use an editorial calendar. They say they drop topics into certain days to help plan things out, but the editorial calendar isn’t going to make me actualyl sit down and finish something is it? Now THAT would be something.

  5. Your editorial calendar idea is inspiring. I’ve wondered about doing the same, but I’ve never gotten all my brainstorming down in one place, so I’ll often find bits of paper around my house with random, half-forgotten ideas scribbled on them. Things like “squirrel talk” or “ADHD cooking show.”

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I believe yours was the first non-spam comment from someone who doesn’t know me or my husband. It made my day.

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