Welcome to the PTA, sucker

I done did it now. I joined the PTA as a Board member. I’m in charge of all PTA communications including their website. I know, right? Me – in charge of a website? Have you seen mah clunky blog and third grade technological skillz?

Fortunately things are off to a great start. Today marked my first attempt at distributing a mass email using the PTA’s snazzy platform. I only effed up once, forcing me to then re-send the same email four hours later with a neat message pointing out my error and necessary correction to 400+ people.

I cannot adequately explain the painfulness of this type of error for me. It hurts my insides. It’s also far too reminiscent of my early career days, which then gives me flashbacks to my mid-20’s, which trust me – no one should have to endure.

On the upside, I’m guessing they won’t ask me to take over as PTA President anytime soon.

What else is new, Amy? asked no one. Well, my headaches have finally left the building. Amen.

Also, my mom came to visit last week. She cleaned out my hall closet and was disturbed to discover that I am a mild severe hoarder of bags. IMG_20140115_144914_120

She made me throw away 90% of them. Of course I just know that tomorrow will be the day I’ll wish I still had that large Pottery Barn bag I had kept since 2002.

That’s about it for now. Honestly I’m just blogging as a means to distract myself from thinking about that damn PTA email. What about cats? Does anyone want to talk about cats? Or Justin Bieber? I see he’s gotten himself into trouble with the po-po. Ok, fine I’ll go find something else to do – but shoot me a text if you want to talk about cats or the Biebs, ok? Mmkay.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the PTA, sucker

  1. At least your bags are neatly arranged inside of one another. Mine are just thrown into a closet in the kitchen that literally holds nothing but shopping bags from floor to ceiling. It’s embarrassing, really.

    I would LOVE to talk about cats and the Biebs!

  2. Fellow bag hoarder here. I may need those some day! Of course in the meantime they have taken over my closet and one of the kitchen cabinets, but we need to sacrifice for the future!

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