Creepy Baby tries to be a trendsetter

Have you seen the babymugging meme? Ilana at the blog Mommy Shorts (who is incidentally one of my fave people to follow on Instagram) thought of it and it totally took off. Tons of people have now snapped pics of babies looking like they are in coffee mugs, posted them to Facebook or Instagram using the #babymugging hashtag, and it’s super fun and cute. It was even featured on the Today Show and Huffington Post. So clever!

I attempted to take one of my own kid.


But she was kind of squirmy and hard to capture. Boy, it would be a lot easier if I could actually stick her inside the coffee mug, I thought. AhahahaWAIT.

And then it came to me. Like a beacon in the fog.


I shall call it – #babymuggermugging. Talk about meta.

I don’t know about you guys, but I was thinking maybe I should make a #babymuggering hashtag for anyone who wants to create their own Creepy Baby.

“No, Amy,” said the Internet in collective unison, “We do not agree.”

It’s like a play on words, but a play on a hashtag. You know, because Creepy Baby already looks like a mugger thanks to her ski mask. So you don’t have to do the coffee mug part. Just the doll. With a mask. Because then you have a babymugger.

“Ohmygod, Amy. If you have to explain it that much, it is not funny. Nor is it a meme.”

All you have to do is cut eye holes in an old sock, stick it on a doll of your choosing, take a photo of it in a humorous or menacing position, and share the creepy joy!

“You really need to let the Creepy Baby thing go before you lose your remaining 3 readers.”

Don’t worry. I’m not expecting an overnight sensation. I’ll drag this one out for a while – maybe Halloween? – so you have plenty of time to perfect your ski mask.

“You are the worst blogger ever.”

In case you need inspiration, below are some of my favorite Creepy Baby photos as a reminder. You can post your photos with the #babymuggering hashtag on my Facebook page or Instagram. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

“We all stopped reading three paragraphs ago.”

Creepy Baby collage

#babymuggering – it’s the next big Internet sensation!

“No. It’s not.”

19 thoughts on “Creepy Baby tries to be a trendsetter

  1. I cannot stop laughing. You are either going to kill me because I can’t breath from laughing or make me the healthiest person on the planet. I am making my own creepy baby today. THAT. IS. IT. I’m writing down the hashtag. It’s on.

    • YES DO IT. I already have one other person who made one, so it’s pretty much a major international trend now. I’ll go ahead and make the Facebook page for it asap.

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