Mama love

Since officially announcing that I quit, aka I posted it on Facebook, I have received a flood of supportive comments and emails from friends and acquaintances – most fellow mothers – congratulating me. Many of them work full-time, some part-time, and some stay at home – but regardless they have been universally supportive.

I don’t cry that often – just during the family-visit episode of Survivor, and sometimes when the wrong person gets voted off American Idol – but all of these nice responses have sent me into a few bouts of tears. Perhaps because I’ve been a little emotional about it anyway.

Mostly it has made me so appreciative of fellow mothers, and the battles they wage on a daily basis trying to juggle it all. No one way is the right way, and I’m always fascinated, and often in awe, to hear how different women structure their work and home lives to make it work for them.

No doubt I will have moments where I miss my job. But I’m excited to see what this next chapter has in store for me and my family.

I was also considering a ceremonial burning of the only business suit I own, but that might be a tad premature.

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