It’s official. I’m a quitter.

Today I returned to the office one last time to clean out my desk and turn in my work computer, phone, etc. I guess the deal is sealed and I just traded this:

For this:

I think I’ve been harboring some anxiety and sadness about it over the past week. I know this is a good decision, but part of me is totally freaked out by the fact that I just up and quit a job that was pretty damn good – I loved my colleagues, I had a supportive boss that I liked and respected, I had established some seniority after 13 years, there was still plenty of opportunity for growth, I was making pretty good money…SWEET GEEZUS WHAT HAVE I DONE.


The most nerve-racking part is that I don’t actually know if we can afford this. We did a rough budget analysis of our hypothetical single income status, and it told us we wouldn’t have enough money to cover our expenses. So we decided to do it anyway. Because we’re dumb like that.

We figured if we truly are not making ends meet after some of the initial cuts we made to our expenses, we can always cut more. Like find a cheaper preschool. Or God forbid – get rid of our cable TV.

I’ll start selling our furniture on ebay before I let the cable go. Especially when we are in the middle of a season of Game of Thrones AND Survivor, and on the verge of True Blood. Cancelling would be blasphemous.

It’s also hard to sever the social ties of a job. I worked with fun, smart people who made me laugh. What if I just turn into a hermit who forgets how to socialize with adults, preferring to instead make crafts and sing the Caillou theme song. Kill me now.

But then I look at these two jokers, and I know without a doubt that I made the right choice.

But just in case no one will hire me back into the workforce in 5 years, I’ll start buying lottery tickets. Because that is a very wise financial investment strategy.

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