Oh snap, I’m a hoarder

Today I attempted to clean out a closet I’ve been dreading for months. It’s where I’ve been sticking all of my random papers that need filing…without actually filing them. So they are jammed in a variety of bags, boxes, folders – in no particular order.

But I did not realize how many papers I have accumulated. Holy hell it’s going to take me forever to get through them. This is only half of it. I have another stash that I’m also ignoring.

Since I only had an hour today, I shoved them back in. I’ll try again tomorrow. Or the next day.

While I was in there I discovered the monstrous black box in the background of this photo.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s – my wedding album. It seriously weighs more than 20 pounds. WTF was I thinking when I picked that out. Not exactly coffee table material. Poor thing has been ostracized from society, hiding in the shadows, because of its size. It probably needs therapy. Yes, those are toys it’s dwarfing, but STILL – it’s stupidly huge.

3 thoughts on “Oh snap, I’m a hoarder

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