Slow your roll, granny

In this day and age, when everything has been reinvented and improved and then reinvented again, it’s a wonder when you find something that looks and feels exactly like it did 30+ years ago. Today my daughter went to a birthday party at a roller skating rink that seemingly had the same carpet, lights and nacho cheese that it had in 1980. I was immediately transported back to my youth. But this time I had bad knees, a sore back and mom jeans.

I survived without any major injuries, so I’m calling it a success.

roller skates

6 thoughts on “Slow your roll, granny

  1. Fun and Darn. I could have lent you my yarn pom poms. Next time (no joke). If of course I don’t use them for my Spam flip flops and fall in love. I hope you taught her the hokey pokey in advance…

  2. You might be surprised to know this if you’ve read about all the times I have fallen down, but I can’t skate. Never could. Never will.

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