Friday fun for everyone

I used to be better about sharing links to things I enjoyed around the internet on occasion. Today I’m going to resurrect that habit because I read some really great stuff this week. And yes, because then I don’t have to write anything myself. Everybody wins.

There are some fabulous writers who contribute to a series called This is Adolescence. This week I loved Bethany Meyer’s piece on the age 13, but then I tend to love everything she writes. Check out the other great pieces on ages 12 and 11.

This video hilariously captures the horrors of Daylight Saving (I can’t help it I desperately want to put the ‘s’ on here).

Vicki at Up Popped a Fox wrote this post about the unavoidable force that is Taylor Swift, which cracked me up.

Because then, soon after I read that post, this video of TSwift’s song “Shake it Off” set to an amazing 80’s dance video was all over the place. If you haven’t yet seen it, grab yourself a can of Tab and enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Friday fun for everyone

  1. I love sharing things that I read/watch around the internet. My intentions to make it a weekly thing turned into biweekly and now are probably just going to be monthly. I just don’t have the motivation to actually do it on a regular basis. When you’re lucky if you blog once a week, you don’t really want that one post a week to only be a roundup. :/

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