Throwback Thursday: Let’s Dance

Front row. Second from the left.


Those bangs so painstakingly perfect. The ends curled and flipped with tender loving care. All leading to a portrait of a confident and poised young dancer with a bright future ahead of her.

Not that I would know, because I am the one in the back row, second from the right, who apparently was out drinking and smoking weed all night.


What on earth. How rough-and-tumble can a first grader possibly look in a formal tap dance photo? Did we lose our hairbrush that day? Was I pissed that they made me dress like a patriotic clown? And am I holding a knife behind my back? Because the girl in front of me looks a wee bit concerned for her safety, white-knuckling that top hat. (She also looks exactly like Tina from Survivor.)

All I can tell myself is that my mother must’ve forgotten it was picture day. Or that I didn’t understand how cameras worked.


Warning: I might need to ride the Throwback Thursday wave all month long in order to get me through this NaBloPoMoMeeMoo business.

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