Hello. Is it me you’re looking for?

Tap tap tap. Is this thing on? Good lawd I forgot how to blog. Such a shame since I spent all those months perfecting the craft, and at this point I’ve probably lost all three of my readers.

My unexpected hiatus was due to a few things. A) The flu. Believe the hype. That toxic plague will take you down. Fortunately after two weeks, I am on the road to recovery. Still occasionally coughing until I dry heave/gag and/or belch, but that’s just for fun.

B) The holidays. As I whined in my last post, the pre-holiday period was a bit overwhelming for me. Then I spent 10 days in the outskirts of smalltown Wisconsin at my parents’ house, where cell reception is spotty and Internet speed is slower than dial-up. Even if I had wanted to blog (which I didn’t), the technological vacuum rendered me incapable. So I just stared out the window while it snowed. Dreamy.

C) The world. So. Much. Negative. Shit. Happening. What the hell? I have a tendency to get overly stressed when bad things happen. I got it from my mother. So I sort of shut down over the past month and opted to forget about social media for a minute. It was kind of nice. But now my thoughts are making a lot of noise in my head again, and I know I need to let them out before they do real damage in there.

So I’ll see if I can get back into the swing of things. Overall in 2013 I am hoping to be more organized and planful (is this a real word? I use it muchly and love it). However I think upping the structure in the rest of my life will have the inverse effect on my blogging.

Why do I say this, no one asks? I’ll tell you why. Because I know myself well enough to state that I cannot possibly be buttoned up in more than 1-3 areas of my life at once. No can do.

SO if I aim to exercise more this year (more = at all), enjoy these final months with my kid before she goes to kindergarten (tears), and/or cook some meals that do not include the words “tortilla” or “soup,” well then – no damn way can I also pull together high quality blog posts.

I know what you’re thinking – “But Amy, your blog posts were never high quality.” Good point. Thank you for reminding me.

But I still want to issue a disclaimer to alleviate any and all pressure. I will simply have to wait until 2014 to humbly accept any cash prizes for my awesome blogging.

On the upside, if I truly get my act together a bit more in 2013, it’s possible that I may actually shower more this year. Possibly. Maybe. Nevermind please strike this one from the record.

Phew I am feeling lighter and more productive already. I’ve got dinner in the crockpot, I’m attending a kindergarten open house tonight, I washed my body AND my hair today. Winner winner chicken dinner.

Now I’m just sitting here waiting for my in-laws to arrive for a long weekend, which is sure to unravel all of my mental gains, cause friction in my marriage and elicit a world of negative emotion and drama. Perhaps I should have waited until next week to come out of hibernation.

14 thoughts on “Hello. Is it me you’re looking for?

  1. So glad you came back. I was thinking about you and then you appeared! I am totally taking credit for that. You are hilarious. I hope you get a shower and exercise in 2013. I a cheerleading for you. We can do this!

  2. You had me at the Lionel Ritchie reference.
    Then you got all funny -n- stuff. Love it.
    Go easy on yourself. It’s January, it’s 2013, you have small people, and you don’t actually have to change anything this year to have at least three readers on your awesome blog.
    So. There. Status quo is just fine, thank you very much. 😉

  3. I hear you. I dropped off for about this long too. And although I’m back I haven’t posted anything earth shattering. You know, cause most of my posts are normally earth shattering. Welcome back!

  4. Yay! You. Are. Back. And funnier than ever. yes, planful is a word and yes soup is dinner and yes the flu kicks boo-tay and yes so much horrible stuff. That’s why I need you at your blogging post. No pressure.

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