Hot tip Thursday

I’m feeling sick and blah this week. In the absence of any creative thought on my end, I’m going to tip my hat to two creative ideas I gleaned from others.

The first belongs to my husband. I have never denied that he is the more crafty and domestic partner in this union. I have made strides in the past year, meaning I can now actually cook a meal without severing a limb, but he remains the more natural kitchen connoisseur.

So it comes as no surprise that when he whipped up a little vinaigrette salad dressing one evening not too long ago, he concocted this gem of a container by repurposing an old baby bottle.

Clever, no? The only adjustment needed was to cut a slightly bigger hole in the nipple.

I got the heebie jeebies just typing the words “cut” and “nipple” in the same sentence. Never ever cut your own nipples. Only bottles.

I realize it’s possible this ingenius creation has already been plastered all over Pinterest by a bunch of people who make cat sweaters, but I’m not going to bother checking because he came up with it on his own and I don’t want to poop on his parade. Also, lazy.


Number two came from my sister, and is an idea for entertaining family when you are stuck together in close quarters over the holidays.

Historically my family resorts to aggressive card-playing during holidays and vacations. Our favorite is a game called Nerts. My mom cheats a lot, but other than that, it’s mostly fun and pleasant.

However it can be hard to play cards once you have kids. They tend to require attention and feeding that can interrupt your concentration and ruin everything.

This year we tried a new activity – playing the Just Dance Wii game. My sister played this with her in-laws two years ago over Christmas, and it entertained multiple generations for days on end.

My parents happen to have a Wii Fit, which they bought last year to help them get in shape (let’s laugh about this for 10 more minutes, please), so we dusted that puppy off, popped in Just Dance, and dropped it like it was hot for hours.

Of course my 15-year-old nephew dominated every dance-off, but I enjoyed the opportunity to practice my running man and learn some new moves that I can break out when I’m hammered at a wedding sometime soon.

If you’re looking to shake things up for family entertainment over Christmas, you may want to give it a try. Be warned that possible side effects include your husband practicing his new hip-hop moves while listening to Christmas music. But I have actually found this to be EXTREMELY awesome to behold, and would suggest that this alone is worth the investment.

4 thoughts on “Hot tip Thursday

  1. I love this! We just joined the 20th century last Christmas and got the kids a wii- Just Dance is a favorite and it’s sooo funny to watch! I haven’t played yet because i get embarrassed that i suck. It’s true. The baby bottle top is sheer brilliance. He needs to go on that show Shark Tank and sell it to those millionaires who want new business. Pinterest makes me angry and gives me diarrhea. That is all.

    • You must dance! Do it when you’re alone sometime to get familiar. Everyone looks stupid, or at least every adult in my family looks stupid doing it, so at least there’s comfort in numbers. I love Shark Tank, and also hate Pinterest. It has not yet given me the runs, but thank you for the warning. I’ll be on the lookout. 😉

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