Friday Faves

Apologies I have been terrible at keeping up on my Friday Faves. I might need to switch it to Monday…have I mentioned that Friday is one of the days I have both children home all day? What the hell was I thinking? These were a few of my favorite reads this week.

My daughter loves to draw, and she just recently started drawing people. Some of those creatures look straight out of a horror movie. I love this post by Scary Mommy, which shows a bunch of not-so-flattering portraits children have drawn of their mothers.

Before we had kids my husband and I used to enjoy spending Thanksgiving in Vancouver, Canada. We would shop, eat sushi, and enjoy a lazy four-day weekend in a fun city. This great post by Wendi Aarons reminded me how much I loved those atypical turkey day celebrations.

This post by Brad the Dad is an older one, but someone shared it on Twitter this week and I agree it’s a fabulous piece of writing that made me smile.

5 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. Even though your time is limited on Friday, you came up with a great post, thanks for the laughs and smiles! Loved all the reads you found and I so appreciated the laughs this morning. I especially love the portrait of Moms – it made me laugh hard. It made me think of Jonathan’s self portrait this year for first grade. Apparently he forgot his scandanavian heritage and possibly he got confused because his entire day is in immeresed in Spanish, he made himself with dark hair and skin, it was so interesting (and funny) how their minds and hands work together at that age.

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