Wordless Wednesday

There is this thing in the blogosphere where on Wednesdays, you just post a photo and no words. The blogger peeps call it Wordless Wednesday. It’s a fun way to avoid having to write a post.

Of course my posts are so irregular that I don’t usually write one anyway, but this week I’m going the Wordless Wednesday route in honor of Halloween, and in honor of my newfound love of The Walking Dead.

I always thought I was a vampire girl, what with my love of True Blood (Eric Northman, you can bite me any day), and my questionable decision to read and watch the Twilight series. But lo and behold, turns out I love me some zombies too. Perhaps I just have a general obsession with the undead.

I realize this isn’t really wordless at this point. But it IS Wednesday, so I give myself partial credit.

I wore a wig out of the Halloween bin for extra effect.

It’s days like today, when I look at what I’ve accomplished so far this morning, that I think, “Hm. Maybe I should get a job again.” OR I could just make a couple more zombie photos.

I used picmonkey‘s Halloween photo editor, which I learned about from this post by The Bloggess. Happy Halloween!

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