Friday Faves

I didn’t have much time to do a Friday Faves post this week. Perhaps because I’ve been in mourning about the marriage of Justin Timberlake to ole what’s her name.

I was a JT fan girl for quite some time. I dare say I may have been one of the first fan cougars, dating back to the days when he wasn’t even legal. Rawr.

My first boss gave me an N’Sync book at the holiday Christmas party. Another coworker gave me a Mrs. Timberlake shirt a few years later. And at one point there was a photoshopped image of me and JT sitting together at the Grammys in an officewide PowerPoint presentation.

Perhaps if I had kept that celebrity crush to myself I would have had a more successful career. We’ll never know.

When I was pregnant with my first daughter I went to his concert. I rubbed my belly and told all the teenagers around me that it was Justin’s love child.

Just kidding. But I did feel like a dinosaur, and at that point began the long road to acceptance that we would likely never be together.

So I wish JT and the chic from 7th Heaven all the best. By that I mean, I give it 6-8 years tops. If Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman can’t make it work, c’mon kids – who are you kidding. But give it your best.

Anywho. My only link this week is one that Emily at Motherfog posted last week. 27 Reasons Why Kids Are Actually the Worst by Buzzfeed. I agree with her and tend to not usually like America’s funniest home videos-type of stuff, but some of these are pretty funny. 23 is my favorite.

8 thoughts on “Friday Faves

    • Good lord what is wrong with me. I probably blocked it out because it was easily the most unprofessional. I vividly recall that doll getting a few weird stares from some senior execs who rolled through town. But then, that may also have been because I was sitting at my desk wearing a snuggie. I know you miss me.

  1. Oh, Justin….would you believe I had to google mid post to see who he married? Shall I pick up more US Weekly’s? And, I think you are kind in giving them 6 to 8. I say, 3. A healthy marriage is not synonymous with fame. But they have a ton of cash to pay for therapy!

    • I won’t judge you for having to google it. In fact I think I respect you more for it. You don’t need to buy US Weekly – I have found that if you pick the longest line at the grocery store, you can get an extra 2.5 minutes to scan through it and get your fill of celeb trash, and that tends to do the trick. I hope that just saved you $4. 😉

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