Friday Faves

The theme for this week’s Friday Faves is ‘Letting Go.’ Apparently I am in that state of mind.

I love this post by Alexandra at Good Day, Regular People where she talks about how adulthood hasn’t panned out to be quite what she envisioned. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I have felt this way a lot lately as I’m still adjusting to the shift from working mom to stay-at-home mom. House is always a mess, I am always a mess. Life is always a mess. There was a degree of ‘clean, polished, organized’ in my life before that no longer exists. It was small, but it was there – like drinking a latte at work while wearing a fun new shirt, counseling my clients on the issue du jour. And yet it’s been liberating to let go of so many expectations for myself and just hang out with my kids. I’ll get a little polish back once we’re done with the preschool years, right? Riiiight.

This post by Beth Anne is about letting go of your kids as they grow up and become people who, God forbid, may not need you some day. Ohmyheart. There have been so many bloggers writing about sending their kids off to school this week. It’s been a good primer for me. I know I will be an emotional wreck when my first goes to kindergarten in a year. All the more reason to relish this year with her and stock up on kleenex.

And this letter by Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Vikings reprimanding a Maryland politician for being an asshole about gay marriage is just a good read about letting go of hate. Such a waste of energy, that hate.

5 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. I love these posts. Thanks for sharing. I also give shout outs to a few of my fave posts in my Friday Fragments. I’ve been a SAHM, WAHM and WOHM and transitions were HARD for me…the hardest was SAHM.

    • Oh good! I’ll make it a point to read yours too. I find it so hard to keep up on blog reading so I also like it when people share their favorites.

  2. OH, boy oh boy is the SAHM thing hard. On the polish, on the idea of selfhood. I’m so content with my decision, but damn does it make for maddening days. And frustration makes me feel guilty, because some people only have a few hours a week with their kids.

    Off to read the links (except the Empress’s, for I’m a devoted follower.)

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