Friday Faves

This post by Rita Arens about being halfway to death, although said more eloquently, is one I liked, probably in part because I’m about the same age and have shared many of these thoughts lately. My 20 yr high school reunion is next year. So I guess I’m officially old enough to be having a mid-life crisis. yay.

I also like this post by Galit Breen about being an introvert. I’ll be honest that the #1 reason I love it is that she admits she takes a nap every day. Oh. My. Hero. But I really like the message about figuring out who you are and what you need in life, and not apologizing for it. “…first, you need to know your zone, what fills you up, and what empties you.” Naps! God I could rule the world with more naps.

This last one is a humdinger about the stupid Chik-Fil-A situation. It’s laced with profanity, which I endorse wholeheartedly on this topic in particular. I loved reading this.


2 thoughts on “Friday Faves

    • My pleasure. It’s almost unsettling how much I have thought about how to adopt your daily napping routine since I read it. Nap Champion.

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