Friday Faves

Let’s move past the fact that I am posting this on Saturday. There are lots of great blog posts on the Interwebs, and since not all of my reader(s) are on The Twitter, I’m going to start posting a few of my favorite reads from the week here too. It’s also a cheap way to say I posted on Friday when I am otherwise often too tired/busy/inebriated.

Of course I reserve the right to never do this again if I don’t feel like it.

This Ermahgerd post on Hollow Tree Ventures gave me a laugh attack. Something about the combo of that hideous meme photo and the corresponding phrases hits me square in my 12-year-old funny bone. Her Ermahgerd texting also reminded me of something I would do (I still might). Perhaps I love it all so much because it’s remarkably similar to Kristin Wiig’s Target Lady from SNL, which is one of my all time favorite characters.

On the flip side, this post on Mothers and Mistakes made me weepy and felt so relatable. Lately I’ve had a lot of these Mom vs. Mommy moments with my 4-year-old as she exerts her growing independence and I keep figuring out how to meet the needs of two kids vs. one. Someone always seems to come up short. And this week I kept looking at her thinking I can’t believe how much she’s starting to look like a real kid, not my baby anymore, wishing that could slow down just a tad.

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