Highs and lows

I had only one real cooking accomplishment this week, and I forgot to take a picture. I made stuffed peppers. They were good. Just under-seasoned. Because I am afraid of spices. To quote my husband, “It sounds like you know both the problem and the solution, soo…” I’ll work on it. But I’m still calling the peppers a Hit.

On the crafty side of life, my Pinterest collection finally paid off with the successful completion of two – TWO! – crafts that my daughter enjoyed.

We made toilet paper bunnies inspired by My Little Gems, and this spring flower that now I can’t find where it came from. To whomever thought of it – let it be known that I am not taking credit.

Nevermind that it’s not Easter anymore, and that our bunnies had far fewer stylish accessories than the example. She still liked it. Hit!

In our ongoing quest to save money, the coffee in the photo above is from another purchase of a huge, cheap tin. I tried to suck every penny out of that container by turning it into a craft project. But all I could think of was a bucket for beads, so I made this shoddy skirt and my daugher decorated it with gems.

Yes, it says “Beads and stuff like that” on it. That was my daughter’s request, but I think it’s fitting for the quality of the project. Not my best. Meh. Miss.

She pulled her Legos out of the bowels of the basement this week and got into them again. Of course my husband kicked my ass in this category. He built this:

I built this:

But wait, you can turn it this way too:

I don’t like playing with Legos. There, I said it. He will always win on this one. Miss. Game Over.

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