Outwit, outplay, outcraft

My husband once again out-crafted me recently when he came up with this clever little art project on a Saturday morning – making flowers out of coffee filters.

First my daughter drew some patterns on the filters with markers.

Then they soaked the filters in water so the colors could spread.

Mr. Mom then twisted them around wood skewers, affixed them with a rubber band, and voila! – fun flowers that are so cute I still have them in a vase on the mantel.

As if I’m not insecure enough about my domestic abilities, I have a husband who is not only a better cook, but is also superior in craft-making. I am staking my claim as Lord of the Laundry, damnit.

You can see coupons were used as the placemat for this project…that’s the most use I’ve gotten out of those…

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