How to get rid of dirty hair stink

My hygiene has taken a serious nosedive since I started staying home. I can go for days without showering before I realize it. I think my sweatpants are driving a wedge between my husband and I – he’s always making jealous comments about them.

But one benefit of this decline in cleanliness – I have finally begun to master the art of dirty hair. I was never able to do it before – my bedhead doesn’t rejuvenate well, and I can’t stand that dirty hair feeling when I’m otherwise bathed and dressed for the office.

But lo and behold, when I’m rocking casual clothes all day (i.e. pajamas), the dirty hair somehow looks and feels fine. (no third party opinions represented in this statement)

Three days without a washing. Can you tell? Crap I think you can...

I was discussing this revelation with my stylist at my last haircut and he informed me that you can buy dry shampoo to use when you don’t wash your hair, but don’t want that dirty hair smell. I HAD NO IDEA.

Sure enough, I Google’d and even found an entire website devoted to the stuff. For busy moms on the go, homeless people, or anyone else who may lack shower access, I say this is genius.

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