Smell ya later, mac-n-cheese

Tonight I tried again to make a non-dairy mac-n-cheese using this recipe. I had a hunch once I saw all the ingredients on the counter – coconut milk, mustard, onion powder – that this might not suit the palate of a 3-year-old…or a 37-year-old who has the tastebuds of a 3-year-old when it comes to mac-n-cheese.

Sure enough, as soon as I set the bowl in front of my daughter, she muttered, “I can smell that and I don’t like it.” Nuff said. Dead on arrival.

Though it was better than my first attempt, I also wasn’t a fan. The combo of flavors was just too exotic for my elementary school taste. Sadly this batch was even bigger than the last, so I’m holding out hope that my husband might take a liking to it when he gets home.

Alas I will leave well enough alone and won’t bother trying to make mac-n-cheese again until I’m back on the dairy train. Only about 280 more days, but who’s counting.

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