Buying time with crafts

I have been vigorously researching and pinning new craft ideas to help keep my burgeoning Picasso entertained. She loves to use her scissors, so this one looked super fun – a faux haircut! Great idea!

But after I spent 15 minutes meticulously cutting and gluing the hair for her to trim, my worst fear was realized when it took her not even 1 minute to snip it all off, then ask me “Now what?” Shit.

Ok sure, I may have been a bit lazy and didn’t have as much hair as the example, but I do not have the patience to cut and paste 50 paper hairs. Seriously – where do these crafty mamas find the drive?

Lesson learned. This scrap rainbow project had a much higher ROI. Sure, I had to help cut a bunch of little squares, but she spent a good 30 minutes gluing them on.

I used those precious minutes to urinate, wash 1 dish, and make my bed. Ahhh that feeling of productivity and accomplishment – how I miss it sometimes.

But I drew some pret-ty awesome clouds on the rainbow.

2 thoughts on “Buying time with crafts

  1. Saw that you linked to my haircut post–thanks! And because I don’t like any fellow parent to think I’m some kind of supermom and feel inadequate (seriously, things are chaos in my house most of the time!), I just wanted to let you know that the yellow “hair” I used was packing material (a.k.a. paper Easter grass) already cut and “crinkled”. I don’t have time to spend setting up complicated projects either. 🙂 The rainbow project is cute!

    • A ha! That’s what I get for not reading your instructions closely enough. That makes me feel much better, actually. She really liked the idea so I’ll try it again next time I have some of that stuff around. Thank you for pointing it out!

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