Friday fun for everyone

What a week! Here are some things I liked about it:

This holiday gift guide, which has gifts that give back to the women who made each item, who are all survivors of abuse, conflict or disease.

This sweet and funny story, which hits close to home as someone who is often telling my oldest child to ‘hurry up.’ (I’m working on it.)

Another round of celebrities reading mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel, which never fails to make me chuckle

This post about the unquenchable thirst of kids these days, which I swear I was just thinking about last week as I was washing my children’s 472 water bottles.

This great post by Wendi Aarons about how to write a funny post.

I also read Amy Poehler’s new book on the plane last weekend and I loved it. She can do no wrong.

Happy weekend!

3 thoughts on “Friday fun for everyone

  1. I love all these reads! I think my favorite was the ugly volvo post about the trip to the museum of Natural History. When I went there to see the Darwin exhibit, I had to go alone so I could wander and get lost and take five hours reading Darwin’s pros and cons list for getting married. I really identified with that little boy. I felt like I was that little boy. I still to this day am always being hurried along. That’s why I think I would make a good grandmother. If your kids need a younger pseudo-grandma with lots of slow energy, let me know.

    I also liked Wendi Aarons post, especially her reference to McSweeney’s. McSweeney’s is one of my favorites. If you haven’t, read their Open Letters column, I think you’d love them. It’s where people can write and submit open letters to people or entities who are unlikely to respond (now there’s an idea for a blog post). I love them. I’ve written a few that I’ve never submitted, including why I want to make banana chocolate chip muffins for the homeless man who walks around Seward Park, Seattle. But it wasn’t funny at all, so I archived it. I also fell in love with McSweeney’s because they wrote an entire post about my favorite, deceased comedian Mitch Hedberg.

    Did you go with me to see his show in the U-District many moons again? He was a Minnesota transplant to Seattle like yourself and they covered two of my favorite jokes of his. I miss him.
    • “I like Kit Kats unless I’m with four or more people.”
    • “I like escalators, because an escalator can never break: it can only become stairs. There would never be an “Escalator temporarily out of order” sign, only an “Escalator temporarily stairs. Sorry for the convenience.”

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