5 random things about me

I was tagged by Leigh Ann to write a post with 5 random facts about me. Let’s just say I am grateful for the prompt during my NaBloPoMo drought.

1. I come from meat. My dad worked in the meatpacking industry. He literally brought home the bacon. I grew up in a small Midwestern town where everyone we knew worked in meat. They sold it. Or bought it. Or produced it. It was the thing to do. I tried to order a ‘veggie burger’ off the menu at a restaurant in my hometown after college, and when it arrived it was a huge beef patty with lettuce and tomato on it – hence the ‘veggie burger’ label.

Now that I live in the land of clean eating and kale consumption I don’t often discuss my meat roots so as not to offend someone, but I am still a devout consumer of bacon.

2. I like to eat cheese? Also I’m a procrastinator. I’m a procrastinating cheese eater.

3. I probably won’t do NaBloPoMo again next year.

4. When I was a senior in college I studied abroad in Southeast Asia. I spent three months living with a fabulously quirky host family in Thailand where my host father would routinely grill me with questions about American pop culture. My favorite: “Who’s more popular – Arnold Schwarzeneggar or Sylvester Stallone?” It was my honor to inform them about the movies, music and celebrities that entertained our great nation in the early 90’s, and I took that responsibility very seriously. There could not have been a more perfect host family for me.

5. I have cousins named Olaf, Solveig and Thor. I always feel like this one gives me street cred when I’m explaining my Norwegian heritage.

I tag anyone else who is desperate for NaBloPoMo fodder to use this prompt and crank out a post.

9 thoughts on “5 random things about me

  1. Congrats on procrastinating until 11:56 p.m. to post this. I love #4. I somehow don’t remember that, and I can’t believe what a perfect fit that would have been for you. Also, I still have my SPAM flip flops and cookbook. Thanks for that. I actually tasted it for the first time this summer. Maybe some SPAM kabobs at our next meet up?

    • I hope you’re wearing those flip flops, with socks, as you stay up all night writing your novel. It’s a lovely image. (I KNEW that if anyone would bust me for posting this so close to midnight, it would be you. ;))

  2. I second Kari on the tagline. I can’t think of a better way to start a blog post than “I come from meat.”

    I’m kinda jealous of those doing NaBloPoMo. My guess now is that I shouldn’t be.

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