To the 12-year-old graffiti artist in my neighborhood

You are clever. So clever. Not in the traditional academic sense, but in the Bart Simpson sense. First you spray-painted this on our shed, and at least 10 others on our street:


I bet Mike is with his friend, Ben Dover, at the tavern down the street.

Your comedic intent was so subtle in this first effort that I actually had to point it out to my husband. Lucky for him, my sense of humor is not unlike that of a 12-year-old, so I can often interpret the deeper meaning in these complex pieces of art.

Perhaps you sensed the possibility that your creativity may go underappreciated, because you took a much more blatant approach with your second installation:


Seriously, Kevin. Enough already.

I cannot wait to see what you come up with next. Please don’t touch my car.

3 thoughts on “To the 12-year-old graffiti artist in my neighborhood

  1. Oh man. You need one of those movement activated spotlight things. Or a movement activated video camera. That way you can track the kid down and spray paint something on his skateboard like, “My mom is always right.”

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