Three things

1) I could not find finger glue for my blingers, so I settled for some of this lotion:


I bet the O’Keeffe family did not have bloggers in mind when they made cream “for people who work with their hands.”

2) My mom ordered a basket from Pottery Barn, and when she opened the box there was a small, withered lizard carcass in it. She didn’t even have to pay extra for it!


3) Tonight we had our first ever parent/teacher conference. We saw a bunch of my daughter’s kindergarten work, including this:


Is it too early to call Harvard?

7 thoughts on “Three things

  1. Also, look up Wellness Mama on Facebook. She has a DIY salve for cracked heels, which might be just the extra-strength ticket you need for your blingers…

  2. Harvard does not know what they are in for!

    I can’t believe your mom got that lizard for free. Maybe you can sell it to the Bloggess…just an idea. It would be cute with one of her little dead, furry creatures. Like a pet.

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