Nachos 101

I asked my husband to help me brainstorm post ideas tonight and he suggested I write something about our new printer. I would like to state for the record that I will never again solicit his advice for a blog post idea.

Instead I flipped through photos on my phone for inspiration and found this one:


A couple weeks ago I asked my daughter if she wanted me to make her some nachos and in response she asked me, “What are nachos?” I felt like I had failed her.

Needless to say I took the opportunity to give her a critical life lesson in the art of nacho-making and nacho-eating – two very different but equally important skill sets.

After a lengthy discussion about the meat vs. no meat options, I explained that you can add things like black olives (duh), onions (meh), jalapenos (no), tomatoes (yes) and of course the dipping/sauce trifecta of salsa, sour cream and guacamole. I try to pretend like I’m healthy sometimes and abstain from the sour cream, but every now and then you just need to indulge in that fatty goodness. I mean – you’re already eating NACHOS. Who are you trying to fool?

My daughter opted to play it safe and just went with cheese for her inaugural nacho session. While her limited topping choices gave the appearance of a novice, I have to say the girl had the nacho noshing skills of a pro. She instinctively knew how to maneuver around that plate to find only the cheesiest chips, leaving the naked crusty dry chips for me. Mama was so proud.

Lately I have had a ton of life lesson conversations with my kid – where babies come from, how to deal with being teased, the importance of being kind, the words to that annoying Taylor Swift song…no, the other one – kindergarten is bringing out eeeevery topic and question for discussion.

So I was delighted to tackle an easy one for a change. It’s going to take multiple nacho lessons to make sure she has it down, but fortunately I have the experience, drive and appetite to coach her through it.

9 thoughts on “Nachos 101

  1. Youngest won’t even try nachos. Also won’t try pie, veggie burgers, or pudding. Whaaaaa?

    Eldest likes his homemade nachos with beans (hells yeah), olives (ew), cheese (duh), and garlic (whaa?). He, at least, won’t be disowned.

  2. In addition to the chemical pretzels, I also bought the big tub of sour cream from Costco… And the big bag of tortilla chips… Oh, and that ginormous hunk of Tillamook cheese… I see nachos (and an unhappy scale) in my future… Thanks for the idea!

    • I have that massive tortilla bag right now too. You could put a small child in there. Not that you would or should, but I’m just saying – you could. Enjoy those nachos – you’ve earned them.

  3. Your daughters are so lucky to have a mom that knows all of the important stuff like how to make, eat, and worship nachos. Oh yeah, and where babies come from. Kindergarten is when these questions start? I’m scared. My daughter already tells people she came out of my belly, but I am pretty sure she is envisioning some kind of Alien type situation and not where babies really come from…you know, how the stork delivers them while you are sleeping? I’m not looking forward to telling her about that one.

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