Throwback Thursday: The Romance Edition

In honor of Throwback Thursday, here’s a photo of a handsome young man who came to live with my family for a while in 1984. He was a foreign exchange student who had an overbite and needed dental work, so my parents paid for his braces, along with his awesome mustard yellow sweatpants.

ValetinesDay hotness

Actually that’s me, showcasing a box I made for my 4th grade Valentine’s Day party. As you can imagine with that haircut and serial killer stare, I had loads of young lads clamoring to put their cards in my box. Ahem.

This horrendous photo has brought much laughter to me and my husband. In our old house, I used to randomly tape it to the inside door of his bedside cabinet as a way to say “I love you,” and “Don’t you ever break my heart or I’ll stab you in the neck.” Ahh romance.


My writing friend is sending me prompts for #NaBloPoMo. I have no idea where she’s getting them (I hope it’s not illegal), but today I actually followed it. It was:

Prompt #6 (Nov 7)
Throw back Thursday. Post an old photo and tell us about it. Transcribe an old journal. Share a memory. Keep it short and simple.

5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: The Romance Edition

  1. Throwback Thursday is an awesome prompt! Why didn’t I think of that? I died laughing, not at the photo itself, but when you said “Actually, that’s me.” Because I really was buying your foreign exchange student story!

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