A matchy-matchy love story

I’m not a big Valentine’s Day fan, nor do I get moopy-shmoopy about romantic gestures (except for the fart thing in my previous post).

But in my relationship with my husband, I have experienced a few enlightened moments in which I felt like a cosmic force was telling me, “Yes! He’s the one for you!”

Hands down the greatest of these was during our engagement when we traveled to his parents’ house to help them move.

As I sifted through my husband’s old soccer jerseys and high school memorabilia, I stumbled upon his senior prom photo. I could not believe my eyes. There he was, looking dapper in his tuxedo and bowl haircut, standing arm in arm with a girl wearing THE EXACT SAME DRESS I wore to my own senior prom. Behold:

My husband and his date

My husband and his date – Tennessee circa 1993

Me and my date

Me and my date – Minnesota circa 1993

NO.FREAKING.WAY. My mind was seriously blown. It’s not like I thought my dress was one-of-a-kind, but really – what are the odds?!? She even had the same dyed fuschia pumps! And the wrist corsage! And the stylish updo! (Although I’m pretty sure I had her beat in terms of volume – you can’t even tell where my hair ends and the door trim begins.)

Before I go any further, yes – that is Clip Art I used to protect the faces of the innocent, and yes, it looks amazing. Notice how natural that parakeet looks on my shoulder. You can keep your Photoshop, fancy bloggers who have cool designs and double-digit readership. Now that I’ve rediscovered Clip Art, the sky’s the limit.

Yes, there were plenty of other signs during our courtship that my husband and I were a good match, but after the prom dress discovery, I never looked back. I’m not sure what exactly this says about me. That I believe in fate? Destiny? Or perhaps that I have questionable decision-making skills, as evidenced by the shiny nude nylons.

Either way, this post is my Valentine’s Day tribute to my husband because he has been amazingly supportive over the past year of change, he is my most loyal reader, and because I am too cheap to buy a real card at the store. XO.

9 thoughts on “A matchy-matchy love story

  1. It looks like you two gals even have the same hair style, but it’s hard to tell behind the turkey or fried chicken or what is that exactly?! I love this clip art and this story. It’s so strange and funny. Your husband is lucky to have you because, seriously, this post is way better than any Hallmark card I have ever seen!

  2. OMG, that is so crazy! Your hair is even a similar color. And the fact that your husband is your most loyal reader is awesome. A lot of women can’t say that.

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