When toy batteries fail, aka the devil comes knocking

We recently bought a plastic toy gate at a garage sale to help as we start babyproofing. It’s in relatively good shape, but clearly needs a new set of batteries.

We’ve had many toys over the years that have become possessed once their batteries start to fail. A music table that started to sound like a funeral procession. A baby swing that refuses to shut off (we stopped using this one after a harrowing baby extraction).

But this gate takes the cake in terms of creepiness. I added a few of my older daughter’s most haunting dolls for effect.


Seriously – if I die in my sleep tonight, I know without a shadow of a doubt that this doll did it.

So. Who wants to come over for a playdate?

2 thoughts on “When toy batteries fail, aka the devil comes knocking

    • That IS creepy. Toys that can talk should come with warning labels: “High probability this toy will scare the crap out of you someday.”

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