Paper towels and raspberries

The reality of our financial status now that I’m not working is finally setting in, and it ain’t pretty. We are 10 days into the month and have about $42 left in our bank account. Ok it’s not that bad, but it’s not much better.

We splurged on a grocery trip the other day and spent $130 for about 2 days worth of food. One of the extravagant purchases was white raspberries.

Look at them. Such rare beauty. Only available for a short window of time. And priced accordingly.

Symbols of wealth and opulence

As I was near tears paying our bills later that day, my husband rightly pointed out that this type of purchase no longer fits with our lifestyle. Who do I think I am buying these rich person berries?

So I am savoring every one I eat, knowing it will be the last. My daughter has grown fond of them and now requests them instead of the red ones.

I oblige, but am torn – part of me thinks, “Yes, let the child enjoy them – she should experience exotic new foods as a means to enrich her life.” But part of me thinks, “Hell no, you can’t possibly appreciate the value of these fancy berries.”

Another area of excess? Paper towels. I use far too many. So I am trying to cut down by re-using them, or using washcloths. The other day I saw a spill and used my sock to clean it up in an effort to conserve. And because I was too lazy to get up.

So paper towels are also now for rich people in my mind.

Paper towels and raspberries. Luxuries. Status symbols. Things that make me realize I probably need to nut up and get rid of the cable TV so my family can eat and spill food without worrying it may bankrupt us.

3 thoughts on “Paper towels and raspberries

  1. I am about to begin my maternity leave as I read this. I am snorting and chuckling on the outside, but on the inside I am a wee bit freaked out. Coming up right behind you, sister. And missing my fancy teas already.

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