Baking has always seemed far too time-consuming and difficult. But I do want my kids to have the experience of walking in the door and smelling freshly baked cookies. Or have fun baking cookies themselves while I lay on the couch. So this is one more beast I’m going to try and tackle.

My starter project was rice krispie treats. I realize now there is no baking involved here – go figure – but it still seems like a home cooked treat that signals someone loves you, so it qualifies in my book.

Holy sh*tballs these things are easy to make! The best part was that my kid thought they were awesome, had fun licking the spoon and “helping,” and thanked me profusely for making them. So did my husband.

They were actually kinda hard and stiff, which I blame in part on my inability to use butter. Next time I will use this Earth Balance no-dairy, no-soy butter, which I just bought and used on my second baking achievement – peanut butter cookies!

Unfortunately they were also extremely hard. And I burned the first batch. But still – my kid had fun helpingĀ and licking the batter, and she didn’t mind at all that she almost chipped a tooth while eating them.

Look out Betty Crocker – I’m on to you.

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