Let’s get crafty

I like to think I’ve got a smidge of creativity in me, but I am not a very crafty person. But my 3 year-old loves to do craft projects, and is always asking me to help (the nerve!). She gets tired of doing the same old thing, so last week in a ”Mommy I’m bored!” moment I suggested we make paper dolls. I cut the doll and clothes while she colored them in.

Admittedly not the most artistic project, but hey – it kept her busy for a bit. Until she drew the nose and then went ape-sh*t because she didn’t like how it turned out.

I attempted to make this a learning moment about how there are different types of noses and bodies, and all are beautiful. She wasn’t buying it.

After that episode I began to research craft blogs by mothers far more creative than I for ideas. Boy did that make my paperdolls look even more lame. This blog has amazingly cute and stylish ideas by a mother of four, which begs the question – where does she buy her cocaine? I cannot fathom finding the time and energy for such creativity, but I like to look at it.

Talk to me, Goose

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